27th May 2018

We spent £5k on a whim

I was scrolling through Facebook a few weeks ago and saw a picture of one of our friends sitting by a pool, alcoholic beverage in hand, sun shining. I said…. Where are you? to which they replied saying they were in a brand new hotel in Greece. It look amazing and I couldn’t stop myself checking out the hotel.

Just over 2 hours later we had book a 2 week holiday there for June 2019. It looked just amazing and the hotel is called the Euphoria resort from TUI. We fly in June 2019 from Gatwick on the TUI Dreamliner which I am so excited about. 2 weeks , 5*, All inclusive in a family swim up room. Only problem was we wasn’t even looking for a holiday for next year, we still have 2 this year to go on first. The thing that sold it to us was the price for us to go with a swim up room. Normally a room like this in a 5* hotel, all inclusive for 2 weeks would cost around 7k however because the hotel is brand new and had no reviews apart from what our friends had said and the facebook group the prices are still reasonable. Next year the price of this hotel will shoot up. They also have an onsite water park which the kids will love.

Decisions in this house usually take a while, we usually put a lot of thought into holidays and anything which is a lot of money. With this holiday we booked it because it looked amazing, it had all we wanted and we can’t wait to go. The reviews have now started to come and they are all coming back amazing, just got another 300 plus days left to wait no!

Moral of the story is…. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

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  1. Lucie says:

    Looks amazing!! I hope we can afford a holiday abroad one day. What an exciting thing to look forward to xx

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