11th July 2018

A special date with a friend and Doughnuts

Last weekend I had the chance to attend our brand new local Krispy Kreme store in Queensgate Peterborough. This was an opportunity that I wasn’t going to be turning down especially because it was also with my friend Sabina AKA Mummy Matters.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the very lovely and welcoming Jordon. She had put on a fantastic breakfast table full of treats for us and it look really yummy. Thanks Jordon you went to so much effort and really thought about everything.

The Krispy kreme store is actually located in the centre of Queensgate, not actually in a store but in the walk through which is a great place to be as everyone sees it as they are walking past. I certainly wouldn’t be able to walk past and not buy one!

Krispy Kreme first opened over 80 years ago in America and has since became a big hit here in the UK. Just down the road from this store is the factory which I have also been to see. This is where the fresh doughnuts are made every day and delivered to the stores and shops around this area.

My favourite is the nutella doughnut, what is yours?

On a side not did you know that KK also sell the most delicious shakes and smoothies. OH MY GOSH the Oreo one is amazing and you must try it if you are an Oreo fan. Jordon very kindly gave us a small selection to try and then we had the choice of a full size one of our choice.

As mentioned above I choose the Oreo one and it was so yummy.

Thank you so much for a lovely morning catching up with a friend and lots of lovely treats. If you are a Krispy kreme virgin then I would highly recommend that you try one. There are so many to choose from that you should find one or two or maybe 3,4 ,5 that you love ha ha! Let me know what your favourite is.

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