15th February 2016

Slow cooker Chinese Curry

This can either be made in your slow cooker or just made at the time of cooking. I have made this in the slow cooker and I have also just made the sauce on the hob at the time of cooking. It really does taste just like the curry you get from the Chinese takeaway. It tastes just as good but without that greasy after taste that you get after a takeaway. So here is how to make it if you think it looks yummy!


The sauce can be bought from B&M, Farmfoods and I recently saw it in Heron too. It comes as powder form and is to be mixed with water. Follow the instructions on the packet, depending on how much you want will change how much powder and water you use.

Chop the chicken into bite size pieces and then chop the onion, we like the onion pieces quite big however cut to a size that suits you. Throw in the slow cooker and add the sauce and water mix. I cooked this on low for 4 hours and it was just right. I added frozen peas about 10 minutes before I served up.

For the rice…

I cooked long grain rice as normal in water. Once it was cooked I strained the water and left in the pan. I then added 4 eggs to the wok and whisked them up. I cooked them until the slightly scrambled and then added the rice and frozen peas. I mixed the eggs, rice and peas up together and added some soy sauce.

…and done!!! A yummy takeaway for the weekend. Treat yourself with prawn crackers from the shop, or add some noodles to the side. Serve however you please.

If you make this/have made it, I would love to hear what you think.


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4 responses to “Slow cooker Chinese Curry”

  1. amikarlen says:

    Is this ‘mayflower’ sauce free on Slimming World at all? I’ve never heard of it and I’m a terror for chip shop/Chinese curry sauces. Thank you.

    • I know it isn’t free as one girl in my group worked it out. She said that the portion size you make is 6 sys if split into 4 portions. (portion size is on the back of the box) I however don’t count the sys because we always have it as a treat on a takeaway night about once a month. Its so lovely though you can buy it from B&M bargains, Herion and Farmfoods. x

  2. Aladdin says:

    Lovely…used some left over beef instead of chicken and it worked really well. Thanks for the idea.

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