23rd June 2015

Slimming World: Week 3

Week 3 saw me lose 2.5 lbs and I was very happy with this. I am slightly worried about this coming week though as we had the BritMums Live weekend and lots of wine was consumed and lots of rubbish food. I am very nervous that this week may only see me lose 1 lb however I guess that would be better than nothing.

I am sticking to Slimming world extremely well when I have nothing on. The last few weeks  seem to have seen me always being out doing one thing or another and its really hard to be good. I do however need to get this baby weight off so am starting to be really strict on myself.

I think the Slimming World books are fab and we have cooked a lot from them. Which books do you use? Id love to hear about any amazing SW recipes you know, always love to try something new.


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