25th January 2017

Slimming world on a budget

Time and time again in Slimming world Facebook groups I see people asking about doing Slimming world on a budget. Whilst I agree that it isn’t as cheap as if you were not on the SW plan, I still know you can do it without breaking the bank.

Yes the 5% beef is slightly more expensive and buying lots of different fruit can be more expensive, but does it really cost a lot more than eating normally? I guess it also depends on where you shop. We currently shop at Aldi and then pop to Tesco for extras that we are unable to get from Aldi. Our weekly shopping budget is £70 a week for 2 children and 2 adults both on SW. Whilst my hubby doesn’t go to group he eats the SW way because I make the meals. Buying the meals from Iceland can work out expensive if you buy these a lot, however they are not made to eat every night. \Slimming World say they are to have in for an emergency or a couple of nights a week. Whilst you can eat them every night if you like, it will work out very expensive.

To keep the price down we…

All eat the same meals
I cook meals for the 4 of us and we all eat the same thing, on the odd occasion where this isn’t possible due to spicy food the kids will have something different.

Never throw left overs
I always freeze any left overs and we will have this for lunch one day or keep in the freezer for an emergency one night where we may be late home from work.

Meal plan
This is a real biggie in our house and meal planning saves us around £40-50 a week. If we didn’t meal plan then there is no way we would stick to £70 a week. I only tend to plan evening meals as Little man eats school dinners, Doug takes a sandwich to work and Bubs and I have what we fancy at lunch as we are at home. For breakfast we have cereal, porridge, overnight oats etc.

If you have foods going out of date, freeze them. That is as long as you are able to freeze. Never throw food away because you think it will be out of date before you need to use it again. I make sure if this happens to use I freeze what I can so as not to waste anything. You can buy frozen veg which is supposed to be fresher than buying it fresh off the shelf. Whilst we don’t buy frozen veggies it will save you money.

Since we have been on the Slimming world plan and started to shop at Aldi we save £300 a month on our food bill. That is a massive amount and whilst I know this is a combination of shopping at Aldi, meal planning and doing SW it certainly is possible to eat the SW way without breaking the bank.

We eat such a range of food and have such a massive variety now. If you are thinking Slimming world is costing you a bit more than before though try to think its probably making you fitter, healthier and happier and you can’t put a price on that.

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