14th October 2019

Slap Ninja Game – Review

Slap Ninja is a fast pace competitive game that my boys absolutely love.

We were sent this game to review and to ultimately let you guys know what we thought of it.

Slap Ninja arrives with absolutely zero need to set anything up to start playing. Games like this are a hit straight away with me, we all know what it is like when you are setting up a game the kids are moaning and it all ends in disaster. (check out my littler Ninja in the background of the below picture)

The aim of the game is for the student to slap the coin in the Ninjas hand 3 times. BEWARE though the Ninja will slap you and if he slaps you then you lose one of your 3 lives. The player who is the ‘Ninja’ slaps the student by pushing in a red handle to bring the massive Ninja hand down to slap you.

Both players hold the black handle and who ever loses gets zapped. Just a side note its not an actual zap its a really hard vibrate which doesn’t really hurt.

The game says it if for children age 4+ and the only downside we have found to this game is my 5 year old struggled to push the handle in enough to slap the student.

The headbands featured in the photos are NOT included with the game, however I think this would be fantastic if they were.

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