21st December 2012

Secret Santa part 2.


So I decided to get my secret Santa something funny. I got him a mug, which on the bottom says I’m a t**t. Good job I know him well enough to know he would take it as a joke and think it is funny. So when he is drinking out of the mug you can see what it says on the bottom. Most people got something rude such as nipple tassels, booby mugs, willy lollies etc. I however got something much better than any of that rubbish. I got a lovely bottle of my favourite red wine. I was very pleased with my wine as it is something I am able to enjoy, and not something that I will put away in the draw and not see it again for years.

The other half and I are very much enjoying my secret Santa present now. Lovely glass of wine to chill out with. Very relaxed knowing all of our Christmas shopping is all done, presents are all wrapped.

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