7th September 2016

Scared of going under the knife

I have finally plucked up the courage to have a mole removed which has annoyed me for way to long now. Last year I went through Bupa and had a consultation about having it removed. The consultant advised me that he would just numb the area, cut around the mole and stitch it back up. This seems simple enough hey?

Well the thing that is worrying me is the fact it is on my top lip. I know at the moment I am not happy and I feel people always stare at it when they speak to me. When I mention it to people they always say they don’t notice it, but I feel they do. I always try to put my hand over my mouth when I am talking closely to people. I am so conscious of it and this is why I have finally decided to have it removed.

I am scared of the injection.

I am scared of it being cut out

I am scared of what the scar will look like after

I have to have it done though

Have you ever had a mole removed from somewhere on your face right where people can see. I know at the moment I hate it but I do currently know what it looks likes. With the scar I don’t know what it will look like and this is what worries me the most. The consultant has advised that the scar will hardly be noticeable at all. I guess we will soon see as I am going for surgery on 28th September. Will update you all once it has been done.

Here is a picture below of me being silly as per usual, this is the side the mole if on my top lip.



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5 responses to “Scared of going under the knife”

  1. Isabel O says:

    I had a mole taken off of my neck when I was about 15. I had it done partly because it made me self conscious (boy that baby was humungous, seriously!), and partly cos it was always catching on clothing and necklaces.
    They just numbed it with an injection, lopped it right off, and put one stitch in. And that was a BIG mole.
    Now I know that I was probably not too bothered by it all partly because I’d just been in hospital for two years and I’d had a lot of procedures. But I have to say, out of all the horrible things I’d had done (tubes down my nose, blood taken from every which way), this was probably the smoothest ride I’d been on!
    I can imagine how scary it is having it done on your face though. It’s very visible. It must make you feel so vulnerable. I can only say this- they do thousands of em. It’s nothing to them. It’s like a mini operation that they do every day. Very little could go wrong, and you will 99.9% likely be absolutely fine. Try and visualise what you want out of it, how you want to look, why you’re getting it done.
    I think you can do it! 😀 😀 😀
    If you wanna chat about mole stuff (I’m basically 75% mole I swear) I’m on twitter @yyesidolikecake

    • Isabel O says:

      P.S- I actually have a mole on the opposite end of my lip to you, and it’s never occured to me to worry about it. Doesn’t it show how our heads pick out certain things about ourselves to dislike or worry about but someone with the exact same thing might never think about it? Our brains are curious machines. x

  2. Hilda Wright says:

    I’ve had lots of moles removed for various reasons. I had one on my neck, thigh and hip all removed with stitches. The one on my neck isn’t really visible, the others have faded too. I am sure that you can cover it with make up to start with and it will fade quickly. The last time I had removals I had about 6 done at once and they were frozen off. This involved being blasted with cold stuff until it felt uncomfortable and then they stung like insect bites, swelled up and looked horrible, scabbed over and eventually came off….well apart from the 2 that are still there! arghh! I’d say out of the two methods having them cut off and stitched was far far better, quick and easy and you know it is going to work. I am a total coward and it really was okay and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! I am sure they’ll be really really careful with the stitching as well because it is on your face. All the best xx

  3. i have to say i thought about it myself, but when I look at my cousin who had hers removed I change my mind, its still visible, its the same bump but the same colour as your skin. I actually think that moles on or near lips looks sexy 😉

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