3rd August 2016

Saving on your shopping with Tesco Discount Vouchers

So who wants to save money on their shopping bill? I am guessing each one of you reading this is saying… YES! I mean who doesn’t want to save money these days, we all want something for nothing which will never happen but a bit of help is always appreciated.

I have recently found out about a site where you can find the latest Tesco Grocery Discounts. The web site is called My Favourite Voucher Codes and it really is fantastic. Sometimes I just feel that I don’t have the time to be searching through discount websites to get £1 off a product. I have found this one is really easy to read, use and search through.

The website shows you if the discount is a voucher or an offer, this is clearly marked at the top. I could very easily see when the offer/voucher expires, when it was added and how many people have clicked on it. If you see a Tesco promo code/ Tesco discount voucher that takes your fancy you then click on GET CODE AND OPEN SITE or CLICK HERE TO GET DEAL depending on if it is a voucher code or an offer.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 23.09.27


Looking at the Offers first of all… You click here to get deal and this opens up the site to that offer as you can see below.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 23.14.25


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 23.14.35


If you click on a Tesco Promo Code, you click…Get code and open site. A box with the code then pops up and you copy that code. You then click open Tesco website and it takes you to the part of the site where you can use that Tesco promo code.

It really is that simple and because at the top of the My favourite  Voucher  Codes website, you can type in Tesco which ONLY bring up Tesco promo codes and offers. You are not spending hours searching through lots of different codes and offers that are really not of any interest to you.

Another fantastic thing Tesco are doing is donating 20% of their net profits to charity for every time you use a voucher code. How amazing is this?

This is now a firm favourite website which I will certainly be checking and using before going shopping or buying anything from Tesco.

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