15th December 2012

Saturday 15th December 2012, Party time!!!


Today little man attended his cousins 1st birthday party. It was the first birthday party he has been to. The party was at an indoor soft play area. Little man has always been a bit clingy when he is in a place he does not know, or if there are a lot of people about. I thought he would just want to be with us all the time and not go off and play. I was wrong he loved it. As soon as I put him down he ran off with his shoes on. I had to run after him to take his shoes off.

The first thing he ran to was the biggest ball pool I have ever seen. He was loving it throwing the balls and hiding his self under all the balls. He then went to the bouncy castle. Was very funny as he couldn’t get on himself. He was trying so hard and eventually I had to help him when he got angry that he could not do it his self.


Little mans favourite thing of the day was the slide. He went up and down the slide close to 30 times, he loved it so much. Even though he was tired, this did not stop him going up and down.


Towards the end of the party all the children sang happy birthday and got a party hat. Little man was not to keen on his hat. I did manage to get a picture of him in the hat.


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