15th December 2012

Saturday 15th December 2012. Christmas Tree


We have  finally got our Christmas tree up. I had the day off work on Thursday, and I made the house look very Christmassy. This was while little man was at nursery and the other half was at work. I left it late this year to put our tree up, this is due to the fact I know little man would pull the tree and baubles. I wasn’t wrong. Now the tree is up he wont leave it alone. I thought after a day or two he would get bored and leave it alone, but no he is far from bored of it at the minute.

I put some chocolates on the tree this year, like the chocolate balls, funny isn’t it how little ones knows the difference between baubles and the chocolate ones. Little man knows exactly which ones have chocolate in them. He pulls them off and brings them to me to open for him. He is allowed one day although he likes to think otherwise It’s crazy that Christmas is here in 10 days. Where has this year gone.

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