11th May 2013

Saturday 11th May 2013. Centre Parcs

I had never been to Centre Parcs before until last week. We had all been looking forward to this holiday so much and was hoping the weather was going to be nice.

We set off at 10:00 am on Monday 6th May and the weather was already really nice so we were pleased. We arrived at Centre Parcs Elveden Forest at 11:30 and it was already really busy. We checked in and decided to go for a ride on our bikes. We couldn’t check in till 1500. My mum and dad were staying in the hotel and could check in at 1400.

We put little man in the bike trailer and off we all went to explore the site. We already knew our lodge number and went to check it out, we took little man to the park and then went on to check out the hotel. By the time we got to the hotel it was 1330 and we asked if my mum and dad could get into their room. The lady said it was ready and let them check in. We all went off to have a look at their room and it was really nice.

After checking out the hotel we went back to our car to drive to our lodge and unpack. Little man was so excited and I couldn’t wait to get in the lodge and check it out see what it was like.

Once we had unpacked we had dinner as we were all really hungry. My Dad had made a chili so we heated it up and sat and had dinner. We were all really tired after dinner so we had a glass of wine, put Little Man to bed and then my mum and dad went back to their hotel. The other half and I were also so tired and decided to get an early night so we were ready for the next day.


The weather was already really nice and we knew it was going to be a good day. We were all up early and today was a special day. It was Little Mans 2nd Birthday. We had taken all of his presents and cards with us. My mum and dad came over to see him open his presents, we had breakfast and decided to go for a bike ride. Little Man was really tired with all of the excitement of being on holiday. We went back to the lodge about 1300 for him to have a sleep and my mum and dad said they didn’t mind staying in with him while the other half and I went out. We decided to go and have an ice lolly and play crazy golf. I must say here that I won by  holes so I was really proud of myself . We were out for 2 hours and decided to go back to see if Little Man was awake. Although my mum and dad didn’t mind having him at all we didn’t want to look like we were taking advantage. When we got back Little Man was still fast asleep. The other half, me and my mum and dad decided to get dinner started and we were having a BBQ. The weather was lovely and a BBQ was just what we needed.

Little man wearing his new PJs on his Birthday


birthday 2

Birthday day cake


Little man woke up and were had a fire going outside and the BBQ on. The front door was locked and we were all outside. My mum came out last and shut patio door. When I tried to get back in we realised we were locked out. The patio door had a safety lock on it so when it is shut fully a clip locks into place and can only be opened on the inside. The other half and I got on our bikes and went to the security office. As soon as we had biked back the man was there and he managed to get us back into our lodge. Wonder how many other people have done that? The security guy said at least 1 person does it every week and he has to go and let them in.


Wasn’t such a good start to the day but we decided to have breakfast and go swimming. Little man loves swimming so we knew he would be really happy. We ended up being in the pool over 3 hours and had so much fun. Mum and dad looked after Little man again while the other half and I went on the slides, our favorite being the new Cyclone. it was amazing!!

After swimming we went back to have dinner and Little man again had a sleep. My dad wasn’t feeling 100% so they again stayed with little man while we went out. Today we decided to play pool and we paid for an hour. Unfortunately today I wasn’t so lucky and lost every game we played. I must say the other half was rather pleased with himself. When we went back Little man was up and had been having his dinner. Non of us were hungry so we decided not to cook tonight and just pick about when we wanted. Worst thing for my figure 🙁 My mum and dad left about 2200. Just after Little man went to bed. Yes he was having very late night but it was holiday after all.

Out of our Patio door




Today was our last day and we decided to have breakfast and go swimming again today. Little man loved it so much. We all went swimming fr a couple of hours. After swimming we decided to go for a bike ride again. Little man loved being in his trailer and it was nice biking around finding new places. We went to have a look at the really expensive 2 story lodges which looked so nice. Wish we could afford 2k to go in one. Tonight mum  and dad were looking after Little Man while the other half and I went out for a meal. They had offered to have him so we thought we would go for a meal to Rajinda Pradesh and have a curry. Was lovely to be able to get out and we are so lucky that my mum and dad are so willing to help out with Little man.

Mum, Dad and Little Man

mum dad and little man

We had such a great time and have already book to go to Sherwood forest in September. Cant wait to go back to another site and see what it is like. We had such a great family holiday and but back to reality now and back home.

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  1. Spicers1976 says:

    We’re going to Elvedon in July, can’t wait. I’ll remember not to shut the patio door from outside 🙂

    Looks like you all had a fab time.

    • bloggingmummy87 says:

      Ha ha yeah or shut it with a little gap just not all the way. If you like water slides you have to try the cyclone its brilliant. Xx

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