14th December 2017

Santa called us – Portable North Pole and discount code

This weekend we had a really magical few minutes with the boys. The REAL Santa  called for the boys and it was just so magical I urge you all to do it for your children.

Doug changed my mobile number in his phone to Santa’s Elf he went over to where the kids were and put down his phone. I then rang it knowing the kids would see, which they did. Little man went mad shouting and screaming that Santa’s Elf was calling. Doug then pretended to speak to ‘Santas Elf’ who was calling to say there was a live video coming through on the laptop. We ran over and opened up the Laptop to find there was indeed a video in coming from Santa.

So lets rewind… Earlier on in the day I had gone onto the PNP website and made 2 videos, one for each of the boys. I loved making the videos because I was just imagining their faces as they watch the video. Making the video is so easy and so straight forward, very self-explanatory. There are some free videos that you can choose and there are others which you have to pay for. Which ever you choose they are all fab!

I love the fact that Santa speaks right into the camera so your little ones think he is looking right at them speaking to them. On one of the videos I made I was able to add a picture of what their top toy was and a picture of our house. Santa then speaks about knowing where you live and shows a picture of your house which the kids were so excited about. We have just moved home so they were both worried that Santa wouldn’t know where we were.

Both of the boys we amazed and there is nothing better than seeing their Little faces looking so amazed.

Once you have made the video it is saved for 9 months in your account. Not only can you make videos you can get a call from Santa, record your child’s reaction, have bedtime stories with Santa and also make birthday messages.

We have also been lucky enough to have the Do Good Elf from the PNP shop and the kids love him as well. He has been named Elfie (original) He’s been staying with us watching the kids since December 1st and he will leave us on the 24th December. He has certainly been a naughty Elf whilst staying with us. Each morning the kids rush downstairs to see what he has been up to during the night and he really does need to be taught how to behave. Unlike Elf on the Shelf you are encouraged to touch him and take him on adventures with you, but wanting to follow the tradition of Elf on the shelf with the kids we have not been touching him but just speaking to him.

Here are a few pictures of what Elfie has been up to whilst he has been with us.

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