28th October 2018

Safety first when going skiing

Whilst we all want to go on a ski holiday to have fun and enjoying sliding down the slopes at high speed, or in my case sliding down on my bottom we all know safety must come first. Safety is paramount wether you are a professional or learner.

If you are going on your first ski holiday you need to make sure you kit yourself out with some warm clothes, thermal under layers, thermal gloves ski goggles and helmet. You may think wearing a ski helmet will do nothing for your street cred, however its safety first. I think after the news story over recent years of a famous F1 racing driver who was skiing it shows just how import a ski helmet is. The helmet he was wearing saved his life.

Simply Hike have such vast range you can choose from, some with goggles attached, plain ones, bright pink ones even ones with a monkey on the side! This kids helmet is £40 and has removable lining for washing and removable ear pads, it has protection for high impact and is robust for those a little more daring.



For those more grown up amongst us you could go for something a little less ‘out there’ and something a little more ‘cool’ with the ski googles attached you won’t be searing around for them each morning because you have put them sown somewhere and can’t remember where they are. This is a massive bonus if you are anything like me who puts stuff down then 5 minutes later doesn’t have a clue where it is. With the goggles on the helmet you can simply pull down or push them up as you please. This helmet will offer you solid protection with its high capacity shock absorbent shell. Whilst this helmet costs a lot more at £250 the more you pay the better protection you will get.

So if you are planning on a ski holiday make sure you dont go slip slip sliding away without your helmet on, Remember… Safety first.

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