20th June 2017

Room By Room: How To Upgrade Your Home For The Summertime

Room By Room: How To Upgrade Your Home For The Summertime: If you want some quick fixes on how to upgrade your home this summer. Here are some little things that you can do, that will make a big difference.

The main feature in a bedroom is, of course, the bed, but if you don’t feel like buying a brand new one – you don’t need to. Think of ways that you can decorate it instead. Fairy lights are great for this because they can be bought in all different colours and styles, and you can do virtually anything with them.

Another thing that will change the room altogether is the colour of it. Why not be daring and bring the shade right down to a darker level? Remember that your room reflects you, so if you’re a quirky person, bring that to life and add things that show off your true personality.

If you want to change the look of a bathroom, consider changing the floor. Get rid of those grubby looking tiles, and replace them with some laminate. This is great because you can choose literally any material, and it will look pretty much identical. So go rustic and choose a wooden look. It’ll cost you half the price, but look just as good.

Renewing your kitchen can be great for the summer. What’s better than cooking a deliciously fresh salad in the warm evening, in a beautiful looking kitchen. Not only will it look good, but it will make you feel good too.

There are many subtle changes that you can do, like investing in a new sink. Instead of your boring bowl, why not look at a whole new range of undermount sinks? Or replace your old worktop with a marble gloss instead. Even something as subtle as changing the handles on all the drawers and cupboards for a pop of colour, will make a huge difference and add some fun to the kitchen.

Living Room
This is essentially your day room where you hang out, watch tv and chill with your friends and family. So bear this in mind when looking for a way to update it. You want it to feel warm, cosy and inviting, and picking the right lighting will definitely have an impact on this. Don’t just settle with a simple bulb and shade, have a look at lamps. These can add a real mood to the atmosphere (not a bad one!), and you can also have a go at playing around with levels too. If you’re a creative one you could even come up with some DIY light shades, perfect for adding that special touch.

Gardens are the place to be in the summer. Endless amounts of barbecues in the sun, surrounded by the best company and ice cold drinks. Just simply maintaining your garden will go a long way. So mowing the lawn, pulling out weeds, and trimming the hedges will neaten up a garden dramatically.

If you did want to add something though, why not rip out that old fence out and buy a new one. It’s long overdue, and your garden doesn’t appreciate a rotten barrier surrounding it.

You can also add a water feature, not only will it look pretty, but you’ll attract wildlife such as birds, bees, and butterflies.

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