17th December 2015

Review: Elektrabub Nap Mats

An email landed in my inbox recently and I was asked if we would like to test out the Elektrabub nap mat. I hadn’t actually heard of or seen these at all before. After having a quick look into what the product was I decided it would be something we would love to have a look it. It sounded great and as soon as I told Little Man he tole me he would be sleeping in it on his bedroom floor once it arrived.


Carrying blankets, bedding and pillows everywhere can be hard work. If you are carrying bedding to daycare you will know the struggle each day. You have so much to pack up and carry with you, this is how Elektrabub was born. The Elektrabub nap map consist of a sleeping mat, pillow and blanket all attached to each other that conveniently rolls up and can be carried around. Little Man can carry this so it really isn’t to big or heavy.

A year of testing the best fabrics went into this and high quality, hotel grade, machine washable pillows were chosen. The material on the outside is made from 120gsm polyester and the inner of the blanket is made from 100% cotton. All seams have been double stitched to stand the test of time, with all the washing and dragging about this nap mat may face.




There are currently 2 designs you can choose from, a dinosaur one and a teddy bears one.

My views…
So the important part what do I as a Mummy think? I absolutely love the product and the idea behind it and think for a nap mat this is fantastic. I do however think the mat where the child lays is slightly thin and could do with a tiny bit more padding. If this is used just for a nap mat then it is fine as it is however if this was to be used for longer periods of time i.e. overnight I think it would be slightly uncomfy by the morning.  The blanket is plenty big enough for Little Man to get right over him and tuck under the other side. I love the fact this can be rolled up and just taken anywhere. The pillow is very soft and comfy and the material is so soft and warm feeling.

Little Mans verdict…
He loves it!



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14 responses to “Review: Elektrabub Nap Mats”

  1. Rachel says:

    It does sound like an amazing concept but I agree with you about the padding, it does look a little thin x

  2. freddieandi says:

    What a fab idea and it looks easily portable too! I always struggle to find places for Freddie to nap if we are out or round friends!

  3. razonanalyn says:

    That matt bed looks amazing! Very portable, I really want one for me myself. Is it only for little one?

  4. Angela Milnes says:

    This is a lovely video and review. I like that the material is soft and it looks cute too! Also the overhang of the blanket is useful!

  5. Zoe Forde says:

    Such an ingenius idea! Very handy to have, to travel with, and to carry. Great product x

  6. Oh wow, this sounds amazing! What a great idea. I’ve not heard of nap mats before, if only these had of been available when my children were babies, would have life much easier. I really love the fabric design of this one 🙂 xx

  7. lambandbear says:

    Sounds like a pretty useful product. I think this would be good to take camping or for sleepovers. I’m not too keen on the fabric design but that doesn’t really matter does it! X

  8. Laura Nice says:

    The girls would be fab!

  9. lynn heath says:

    The girls one would be perfect for my daughter, Thank you!

  10. a girls one please 🙂

  11. Great and very versatile love the girls one please

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