4th November 2013

Review: Dazzling Princess Game from Esdevium Games

Here we have one for the girls.  A great Disney Princess game that all little girls will love playing with. This game is based on the Disney Princesses… Aerial, Rapunzal, Snow White, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Pocohontos, Tiana, Belle, Jasmine and Merida. The players really need some kind of Knowledge of these characters to play the game.

dazzling princess game


Whats in the box…

dazzling princess game 2

The aim of the game is to be the first player to fill their bracelet, tiara and ring with all the gems. You have to draw out a card and guess which Princess the picture belongs to. You can either say the name or point to the Princess on the picture on the back of the rules booklet. You then need to use the big heart jewel card reader to look on the back of the card and see if you are right. If you guess correct you can then take the number of gems shown on the card.


dazzling princess game picture

Easy to follow instructions

dazzling princess game rules

The secret Princess card… If you pick the secret Princess card, use the big heart jewel card reader to see who the secret princess is. You have to act like this Princess and get the other players to guess who you are. You can act or talk like this Princess or you can tell her story or sing. If another player guesses who you are then you and the other player both take the number of gems shown on the card.

To end the game the player who fills the bracelet, tiara and ring first wins. If you run out of gems the player with the most gems wins. The headbands are very easy to wear and will fit any head size due to the fact they can stretch easily. The rings and bracelet are made of very soft plastic so anyone can wear them.

The easy to wear bracelet and ring

dazzling princess jewerly

This is a great game and would be a great present for any little Princess. The game is for ages 4+ and for  2-4 players.

The retail price of this game is £19.99 it can be bought at many places such as Toys R us, Amazon or Sainsburys. If you would like to read more about this game and many other please visit Esdevium Games


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