10th November 2013

Review: Balloon Babboon

balloon baboon

When I was chosen to do a review for Balloon Baboon I was so excited both for me and Little Man. I knew he would love a balloon sculpture whatever it was.  The most exciting thing was waiting to see what we had been sent.

Our balloon sculpture arrived on a day when I was at work. I knew it was coming and couldn’t wait to get home to see it. I knew Little Man would be so excited too. When we got home sure enough was a big box waiting in our garage and I knew straight away who it was from.

Little Man got so excited, we opened the box together and he went crazy. Little Man absolutely loved what he saw. Inside the box was a little monkey holding a card and a big Bear holding some flowers.

Our Balloon Baboon Bear

balloom baboon 1

Back of the bear

balloon baboon 2

I had to make sure Little Man didn’t burst him. That night the bear and the little Monkey went everywhere with him, even went to bed with him. These balloon models are amazing and it’s really amazes me how they are made. The cute Little Monkey was holding a card in his mouth saying… Hope he makes you smile which I absolutely loved and thought this was a really lovely touch.

balloon baboon 4

We have now had our Monkey and the bear for a week and they are just as inflated as when we got them both.

These balloon sculptures are fantastic for any occasion you can think of. Have a look at the Balloon Baboon website to see what other balloons you can buy. I have looked through them all and they are absolutely amazing. I will most definitely be purchasing some more on special occasions. I am sure any one would love to receive anyone of these balloons. they also last much longer than a bunch of flowers 🙂


balloon baboon 3

The bear we were sent holding the flowers is £18.95 and I think this is great value for what we received. Just see our Little Man’s face light up and see the excitement in his eyes.

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