19th July 2015

Review and Giveaway|Funky Giraffe Dribble Bibs

Currently we have a very dribbly 10 month old, more commonly known on my blog as Bubs. Dribble from Bubs is something I have to deal with every day all day long.

Bubs already has 8 teeth, 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom and whilst these teeth have been coming through he has been suffering with a really sore neck. His clothes are always soaking wet and normal bibs just soak within minutes, which is why his neck is always so sore.

When I was given an opportunity to review Funky Giraffe Dribble Bibs I was so excited. I am sure Bubs would be too if he was old enough to understand.

We chose 3 Bibs off the website which in itself was a task. I wanted all of them, I absolutely love the designs on them. Most of the bibs are unisex, some are for occasions such as wedding, Christmas, some can be persoanlised and a few are just for girls or just for boys. After finally choosing the 3 I liked the most we had to wait for delivery, which was very quick.

Once they arrived I could not wait to get them on Bubs and try them out. I was really looking forward to seeing his neck not being so sore any more and bibs that look nice on him rather than covering up his lovely clothes. The 3 designs we chose were…

IMG_3906 (1)


The bibs are a perfect size for babies, they soak up all the dribble but don’t cover up their clothes. There are so many designs to pick that you are able to find ones that compliment different clothes. The top layer is cotton and the underside is a lovely soft fleece material, which is very soft and smooth if it is against babies skin. We go through a couple of these bibs each day as Bubs is very dribbly. The reason we swap to a clean one is because the front of the bib is soaking, not the fleece underside. Each bib has double poppers so that when your baby is small you can use the tighter ones and when baby grows you can use the loser ones. The bibs are not too tight around the neck which is something I was worried about.


IMG_3905 (1)


IMG_3904 (1)


IMG_3903 (1)


IMG_3898 (1)


IMG_3897 (1)

The bibs seem to wash really well and I think are fantastic value for money. Bubs neck is now 90% better than it was simply because he is no longer always wet around that area. I would 100% recommend these for any baby who dribbles, which is most babies. They are very affordable, comfy for baby, have great designs and stop sore necks and wet clothes.

If you have read this post and would like to be in with a chance to win your very own set, then enter below to win either a boys set or a girls set.

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  1. emmav6 says:

    i would love the girly set please 🙂

  2. Mia says:

    Love this idea, my 8mth old little boy is just cutting his 3rd tooth and is a dribble monster lol x

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    I would love the boy set please!

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    Boy set, please

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    I would love to win a boy set 🙂

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    Girl set please!

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    Would love a boys set please

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    boy set pls!

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    love a girl one!

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    Boy please 😀

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    the girly set would be fab

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    I’d like a girl’s set, please.

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    i’d love the boys please 😀 x

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    I would like a boys set please

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    I would love a boys set please

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    I would love a girl set

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    I would like the girly set please

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    Boy set please 🙂

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    Girl please x

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    Boy Set Please 🙂

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    I would love the girls set please x

  22. Rachael says:

    Oh these bibs are lovely!

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