21st October 2015

Rattle Me Bones: Review and Giveaway



I am really spoiling you all in the past week. We now have 2 review and giveaways from Drumond Park. The fist one is Og on the Bog which you can read and enter the giveaway HERE. We now have Rattle me Bones. Rattle Me Bones is a fun 2-4 player game for children aged 5+.

Whats in the box…


How to play…

The aim of the game is to be the first player to take 3 items off Captain Boney, once you have removed 3 items successfully you then have to try to get his golden hat. If you successfully get 3 times and his hat you are the winner.

Each player takes it in turns to spin the spinner. The spinner then tells you which colour item you need to try to remove from the skeleton. If there is no colour left of what you spin, then you need to take a golden coin from the treasure chest. Be sure not to disturb Captain Boney though otherwise he will be very unhappy and jump up and rattle to scare you away, which any child will find hilarious.



This game is fantastic for helping children to learn fine motor skills. They have to be very careful when trying to remove items from Captain Boney. It also helps with colour recognition and turn taking.

We found this game to become very competitive even when it was adults playing with children. You will need 3xAAA batteries which are not included with the game.

The game retails for £22.99 and for a list of stockist please have a look here

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146 responses to “Rattle Me Bones: Review and Giveaway”

  1. Looks like a fab game I bet kids will love it wit Halloween coming up.

  2. Ohhh this looks like a great game, especially for Halloween. I think my children would love this. I bet I’d loose though lol, The jumping and rattling sounds funny. This would make such a lovely gift for Halloween instead of sweets. A joint pressie for my children perhaps 🙂 xx

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun for both kiddies and parents 🙂 I really like the colourful design too!

  4. This looks like a great game for my youngest niece, her birthday is coming up next month.

  5. Looks like a great game – our little fella might be a bit young and myself and himself are too competitive to play boardgames with each other – but when E is older it looks like a good one to pick up!

  6. Looks like a fab game for youngsters, particularly pirate lovers! Perfect for Halloween next week:)

  7. Ana De Jesus says:

    Rattle my bones looks like so much fun. There was a game in my childhood I think it was called ‘ Walk the plank’ or something similar at least.

  8. razonanalyn says:

    I bet children will enjoy this type of games and especially when it gets competitive. Anyway such a great give away. Good luck to those who participate

  9. Tessa says:

    This reminds me of Buckaroo which was always great fun when I was a child. Such a great giveaway, this has made me want to go and play board games now!

  10. Great giveaway. Who doesn’t love a board game? I know my littlest ones would really enjoy playing this. I’m off to enter now 🙂
    Anna x

  11. Shareen HD says:

    My niece might like a game like this. Will speak to her mum about buying her it for Christmas! Thanks x

  12. I have never heard of this game – it looks lots of fun, and I think Pickle would love it. Thank you for sharing. Kaz x

  13. Charlene says:

    Looks like a great game, it reminds me of a game called Bukaroo I used to play when I was little!! X

  14. My eldest would absolutely love this. Entering your comp 🙂

    Louise x

  15. kay lou smith says:

    Looks like a great game! The skeleton is Captain Boney 🙂

  16. The skeleton’s name is Captain Boney!

  17. Shelly Wenn says:

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  18. kim plant says:

    its Captain Boney!

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  24. Captain Boney is the skeletons name – think my boys would love this!

  25. Laura Kevlin says:

    He’s called Captain Boney 🙂

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  58. Samantha Mann says:

    This looks fab.. I know my eldest would love CAPTAIN BONEY

  59. jo maxted says:

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  60. Jo Glasspool says:

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  61. kimberley ryan says:

    He is called Captain Boney:)

  62. Ella Dawn says:

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  66. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

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  77. Kirsten Barthy says:

    This would be great for my daughter who’s just getting old enough for playing board games

  78. Alison Joyce says:

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  79. Gemma Cook says:

    The skeleton is Captain Boney. This looks like a game would enjoy. Really enjoyed reading this blog xxx

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