15th February 2017

Quiet or noise, what do you prefer when getting to sleep?

Are you getting a good night sleep? Since having my first child almost 6 years ago, sleep is something that I don’t get too much of. Before having Kids I would sleep for 10 ish hours of a night, now I am lucky to get 6. I am someone who loves my sleep and am definitely not an early riser. Bubs has us up around 0700 most morning and Little Man sleeps in a lot longer at the weekends, most weekends it is 10am before we see him. Over the last 6 years my body has changed and I am not sure I could now sleep in till past 10am at weekends like I used to. I am now used to having less sleep than before and this is my normal now.

A couple of main things when sleeping is your mattress, is your mattress comfy/to hard or too soft? Now days you can buy a mattress from mattress next day and have it delivered the very next day. So if you feel your mattress isn’t doing it for you any more, you can quickly get a new one. The second point is noise VS quiet, do you like noise or do you like it to be quiet?

I though I would share with you how we all differ when getting to sleep and being asleep…

Me… I like it to be very quiet. Since having the kids I am a very light sleeper and the quietest of noise will wake me up. I even hate the TV being on downstairs and always make Doug turn it right down if I am going to bed. I need a dark room, that is quiet with a big soft comfy mattress and a fluffy duvet. The worst thing for me when sleeping though has to be a ticking clock.

Doug… He is totally different to me and likes there to be some kind of noise, very often he will go to sleep with his headphones in listening to music. I find it so strange that he can even get to sleep like this. He is also quite a light sleeper but not as bad as me. Doug can also sleep in a very light room which is the total opposite to me, I need it to be really dark with blackout blinds.

Little Man… My 6 year old is a great sleeper and he can sleep through anything (what kid cant) Once he is asleep there is not a lot which will wake him up until he is ready to wake up. He does like it to be dark with his little night-light on which is really dim. he now goes to sleep on his own in his room with no baby music on. He is like me and likes it to be quiet in the bedroom.

Bubs… My 2 year old has to go to sleep with his music on. I don’t think there has been many days where he has gone to sleep without it on. He has a little star night-light in his bedroom which plays soft and soothing music. The batteries are forever needing to be changed due to it always being on, but he loves it and really wont sleep without it. If we go away it has to come with us to enable him to sleep.

How do you like to sleep?

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