2nd May 2014

Pregnancy Post: Week 19

I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going. It feels like I’ve only just found out im pregnant, now I find myself half way through. Well half way for me as im having a planned C-section at 37-38 weeks.

So quite a few thing shave happened this week… Firstly my flipping morning sickness has returned, which I am really unhappy about. When I got to 14 weeks I finally thought it had gone, which it had untill now. I started being sick again every morning this week. I didn’t know it could go and then return untill I looked on the internet. So I just hope this is a blip and it goes away again. Luckly I am still able to eat and I don’t feel sick all day.

20 Week Scan:
We had our 20 week scan this week which I have been looking forward to for weeks. Cant believe it finally came round. Before you all get excited NOOOOO we didn’t want to find out what we are having and we stuck to it.

When we got in the room the lady told us there were a lot more checks they now have to do as to last time when we had Little Man. More checks on the brain and the heart.  The lady did all the checks and got all the pictures she needed to fine, untill she had to do the heart. Baby wasnt laying in the best position and she couldn’t check everything she needed to. After about 30 minutes I had to get up and jog on the spot to try to get baby to move. Luckly when I laid back down the baby had moved, not into the best position but enough for the lady to do all her checks.

I am so glad to report that all is absolutely fine and baby is growing fine. Absolutely over the moon and now can relax knowing that baby is growing fine and all should be OK.

For most people who would be all the scans they get. I however have to have another scan at 28 weeks and 36 weeks due to complications I had with Little Man.  So we are now looking forward to those.

Blood Test:
This week sees me having to have a blood test to test my Iron levels. I am so tired all the time and sometimes feel short of breath. I know this can be normal but they just want to check. I had very low iron levels with my first and was on 3 iron tablets a days for a long time.  I shall report back on my results once I have them.

Maternity Costume:
I have been looking for a maternity swimming costumer for ages now and havent been able to find one I liked. I finally found a  nice black one with white spots on it from Mother Care. it was £25 and I am very happy with it as it fits nicely and looks nice.

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  1. I always get anaemic even when I’m not pregnant so I’m wondering how long it will be before I’m on iron tablets as well. I’m very jealous of your extra scans and I haven’t even had my 20 week scan yet! All is sounding pretty good though x

  2. Victoria says:

    i hated sickness so much, and so glad its gone, i have to make a comment re reading your posts, unfortunately my eyes feel awful when i read a white text on a black background, have you ever thought of changing the design?)

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