1st September 2014

Pregnancy Diary: Weeks 35 and 36.

I decided to put these 2 weeks together as not too much happened in week 35. Just the usual non sleeping and moaning from me.

Week 36 was however exciting as we had our final scan and found out the date of our planned section. I was so excited, this was the moment we had been waiting for for such a long time now. The scan was great however we didn’t see too much as baby decided to put its arm up over its face. Cheeky little Monkey!! The lady said baby was on the big side and weighed about 7lbs 8oz with still 3 weeks to go.

After the scan we met with the consultant and I was given 3 different dates of when I could have my elective section. How exciting we chose our baby’s birth day. That is unless I go into labour before hand. I will then be rushed in for an emergency section.  The date is being kept a secret but you shall all find out soon enough 🙂

Week 36 my sleeping has got 100 times worse. I go to bed at 2300 and sometimes am still wide awake at 0400 I end up coming down to watch TV. I am then woken up by Little Man about 0800 that morning so I am mega tired.


36 Weeks Pregnant

36 weeks

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  1. Oh my goodness, I really feel for you with the insomnia! It sounds awful- how you can function on so little sleep I do not know. I really hope your body gets some sort of sleep routine sorted soon, before your section! x x x

  2. urgh I hate the insomnia I am not looking forward to that bit. Not long now my love xx

    • bloggingmummy87 says:

      I know when baby gets here ill be getting up in the night, but at least when its time to get back in bed ill be able to get comfy and sleep x

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