10th August 2014

Pregnancy Diary: Week 33

Doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since I was writing my 32 week update last week.

I now have my bag all packet, Moses basket covers all washed and put back on the basket, Babies clothes washed ironed and put away, we are building the cot up and getting all the bedding out to air. The new buggy is at my Mum and Dads but we do have the car seat here at our house.


moses basket

My sleep is only getting worse but whats annoying me at night most of all is my restless legs. Every night this has been happening to me and it is so frustrating. I end up getting so angry when all I want to do is sleep.

I had a Midwife appointment this week and had Protein in my urine sample and slightly high blood pressure, so they are keeping an eye on that each week now.

I will post my hospital bag post at some point this week and link it up when I’ve done it.

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  1. princesspoet says:

    Oh Hun that sounds so frustrating! But good on you for getting all set up! I just wrote my hospital bag post myself! 🙂

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