4th August 2014

Pregnancy Diary: Week 32

Cant quite believe were here at 32 weeks pregnant. Everything feels all a bit more real this week. I had 2 friends due before me and now they have both had their babies I am next. Everyone is now just waiting for our baby!!

This weeks I’ve had a real bad craving for Sushi. Not raw fish sushi as I wouldn’t eat that whilst pregnant. In our local Tesco they do a duck one and its amazing. This is something I have never eaten before in my life and hated the thought of it. However I can’t get enough of it now. I find myself going to Tesco just to buy the stuff and it’s not cheap. Very weird craving.

I have also started nesting quite a lot. I’ve been sorting out the kitchen cupboards even though they didn’t need sorting. I really can’t sit down for 5 minutes without thinking about what needs doing or what I’m doing next. I’m not stupid and I know you can’t have a show home house with kids, but this is how I am trying to make our house even thought its just not realistic and I know that.

Our Little Man seems so excited about the new baby arriving. I really am not holding out much hope though for when baby is here. He’s such a mummy’s boy I think there will be jealousy.

I’m still suffering with the heat, my breathing and sleeping. The other thinks I moan all the time, which I prob do but wont admit it. Anyway I am allowed to moan it’s not easy carrying a baby around in this weather inside you. 🙂

I feel like I’ve had a growth spurt this week. I’m wearing a lot of tops that just stretch over my bump. This week though I’m finding they don’t fit under my bump so I may have to buy a couple more maternity tops.

Countdown to the end of work has started. Since having Little Man I only ever went back to work 2 days a week. I’ve got 3 weeks left. Whoooo cant wait to just relax and put my feet up. Well nest, tidy and clean all day hehe!!

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My bump 32 weeks

32 weeks pregnant




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  1. princesspoet says:

    Aww wow! Great bump pic! I have had a thing for smoked mackerel even though normally I hate fish! And you are right this heat is relentless!

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