27th June 2014

Pregnancy Diary: Week 27

Wow here we are almost at 30 weeks which scares the hell out of me! On the other hand I’m getting very excited about it all

This week ive had another scan which we were really excited about. When we got to the scan room I laid down and it was a nightmare. I have real trouble laying on my back without feeling faint. So while I was being scanned I had to keep on sitting up. So really all the lady did was what she needed to do and that was it. Didnt really see much of baby and got no pics as there were no good opportunities.

 I must have regular growth scans due to having a bicorniate uterus. For those who dot know what it is, basically rather than my uterus being on big space, it has like a wall half way down the middle so the baby doesn’t have the full space to use. So I just have to be checked that baby is still growing OK. At the moment it is and all the measurements are all bang on for 27 weeks. So we were very happy 🙂

I feel like im getting very big and still struggling with my sleep and struggling with not moaning all the time. Really another the other half when I can’t sleep. He says im huffing and puffing all night and tossing and turning.

Another thing this week that is really making me struggle is my breathing. I feel so out of breath all the time, even when im not doing anything. I mentioned this to my consultant and he said the baby is sitting very high and its squashing my lungs. As long as im not having chest pains then its nothing to worry about. I’m not worried it’s just more annoying than anything. I go upstairs and im out of breath, joys of pregnancy hey!

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  1. totally feeling the breathlessness too!

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