10th June 2014

Pregnancy diary: Week 24

So here we are at 24 weeks pregnant, well over half way now and getting really scared. Really scared about how hard it’s going to be with 2 children, how I will cope when the other half goes back to work after the birth, and scared about my c-section after my last one didn’t go to well. I know this all seems a log way off but it really isnt.

On the upside I’ve sorted out my maternity leave now. I leave work on the 22nd August so it will be about 2 weeks before my c section, but 4 weeks before my due date of 19th September. I feel a huge relief that I have finally sorted this out as I really wasn’t sure how late or early to go. As a couple me and the other half have  spoken and I will be having a year off work. I will return to work In September 2015 just as our Little Man starts school.


I feel baby move all the time. Baby is very active especially at night and is always getting hiccups. Little Man loves feeling baby moving around in my tummy and talking to baby through my belly button. I think this is really important for him and to include him in everything to do with the pregnancy. I don’t want him to feel at all pushed out and I want him to totally feel apart of it.

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  1. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) says:

    Aww I can totally understand the fears – the thought of having 2 kids scares the hell out of me too when I think about it! But then I look around me and see so many other families with 2 kids (or more) and try and convince myself that if they managed it, I can too! Sorry to hear your last c-section didn’t go well, no wonder you’re nervous. I really hope this time is better for you, not sure if it helps but I had a c-section as Monkey was breech and it was a really calm experience and all went smoothly. Hopefully that will be the case for you this time 🙂 Sounds good to have made a decision about your time off too, always good to not have those questions hanging around your head! xx

  2. bloggingmummy87 says:

    I really hope this c section is like yours. Although I really cant see myself being calm. Im worrying about it so much already. x

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