17th April 2014

Pregnancy Diary: Week 17

So this week I have had a few up days and down days.

It started with me getting a really bad pain at the very bottom of my spine, just above my bum. Every time I sit for longer than 10 minutes im in so much pain when trying to get up. In my first pregnancy I really suffered with my back. I have had ongoing problems with my back for a very long time but pregnancy made it so much worse.

I then had a day of feeling really dizzy and light-headed. Not to the point of feeling faint but to the point of needing to sit down. This really worried me as I am a worrier and always think the worst thing is going to happen to me. Luckly my dad has a blood pressure machine so I tested mine and it was 100/73 which is fine really. SO whether I maybe needed to eat more or if my Iron may be a bit low I don’t know. However I am now fine and feeling back to normal.

This week saw me have my second Midwife appointment and I was so excited as knew we would get to hear the baby’s heartbeat. It was amazing and although we have already seen baby on a scan, to hear the heartbeat was amazing. Everything else was fine and we just chatted about how I have been in general. Just looking forward to my 20 week scan now on the 30th April.

On another massive up side, we have finally managed to agree on a few boys and girls names. This has been a massive struggle for us. anything I liked the other half didn’t like at all and visa versa. I am so glad we have had a break through though and finally managed to agree on some names. These are to be kept under wraps at the moment though 🙂

I am still getting really tired all the time and end up in bed asleep by 2100 most nights.


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4 responses to “Pregnancy Diary: Week 17”

  1. oh no, boo to lightheadedness and back pain 🙁

    we still havent decided on any names yet – eek!! running out of time so quickly!

  2. I get the dizziness and light-headedness, too. It’s no fun. And I have sciatica in pregnancy, which makes my lower back hurt SO badly. I feel for you! I cant’ wait until we get to hear baby’s heartbeat. I’m hoping it’ll be at our next appointment, but I’m not sure.

    And that’s great about agreeing on names. My hubby and I can never agree on them at all. Our last one came down to the wire, and we found a name two days before the baby was born. And in the end, I was really disappointed with the name we chose. I’m sure that sounds awful. Lol.

  3. Victoria says:

    so sorry to hear about your back problems, mine really started in 3 tri, as to baby’s name you have a lot of time to pick one)

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