20th April 2017

Potty training tips

Its that time again where we are looking at potty training. Its kind of a dreaded time but it is fantastic once you child is potty trained. Not only does it save a fortune because your not having to buy nappies it is just all round a better situation than being in nappies.

It can be a hard and testing time but you must preserver and if you start try to carry on with it. so I thought I would put together a few tips to help you and your little precious out!

So there you have it a few tips that I have picked up along the way. Tips that we are currently putting into use with the potty training 2nd time around.

Hartmann can provide you with the underpads to stop any accidents on the mattress. If there is an accident simply take the sheet out in the morning and throw it away. These pads can be used for anyone with incontinence problems and all products are delivered to your door discreetly. I have found these to be extremely useful when you are trying to train at night. They save the mattress getting soaked through and smelling. You imply change them each morning and put a dry one on.

You can chose what kind of protection it is that you are looking for all the way from slight to extremely severe. You can also buy in different sizes to suit your needs.



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5 responses to “Potty training tips”

  1. stressymama says:

    Some great tips here. I think the most important thing with potty training is to take the childs lead. I tried potty training my little girl a few times before having to give it up as a bad job because she didn’t seem to know she needed the toilet at the time, and because using the potty scared her. Letting her pick out her own knickers really helped too as she wanted to wear her big girl knickers. They all get there in there own time. Sam x

  2. Kizzy Bass says:

    Each of my three potty trained in different ways and at different ages. I think you just have to judge your own child and not listen to others.

  3. Kara says:

    I am so glad this stage is behind us now. Good Luck (although the portable potty still lives in the boot)

  4. Listen to the child! So important to let them feel in control at this time.

  5. We are done with daytime potty training. Need to sort out nighttime in some weeks. It’s been fun. We were all ready.

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