22nd October 2017

Plans for our new home with Velux Blinds Direct

A lot of you who follow my blog will know we have literally just moved home. It has been such an exciting yet stressful time, I can now however see light at the end of the tunnel. We have already started talking about making the house our own and what we can do to make it feel like we have put our stamp on it.

We are getting the kids rooms decorated within the next couple of weeks, I feel it is the most important to concentrate on getting them settled.

We have a lot of short-term cheaper plans decorating, new carpets, new curtains etc but long-term our plan is to convert our attic. We did look into doing this at our previous home but decided the money it would cost wouldn’t be beneficial in the long-term. Where we now live converting our loft would be amazing because this is (hopefully) going to be our long-term home.

We know that converting our loft will cost a lot of money and this is why it is something that we are looking at doing soon but not immediately. The loft conversion would then be the kids bedroom and spilt into two by a bathroom in the middle. We have so much space to play with that the ideas may change in a few weeks but this is something we are both really keen to do. We would then have spare room, office, playroom and master bedroom on the 1st floor.

I have been looking into the windows and blinds already, maybe a bit premature but its good to be ready and know your options and there are so many options. The roof windows let in so much light and I love having lots of natural light flowing into our home, something our old house really lacked. With lots of natural light you will need a good blind to block out the light on those light summer nights and light early summer mornings.

If my kids were choosing I know they would love a Mickey Mouse blinds from Velux Blinds Direct. They do some fantastic Disney blinds from Bambi to Princesses, Pooh Bear to Minnie and Mickey Mouse. These Disney blinds are all blackout which is perfect for kids (hopefully makes them wake up later)

So that’s our plans for the house long and short-term. This coming week is seeing me finishing emptying the boxes, getting our new sofas in place which are being delivered on Tuesday and just generally getting things in places.

I will keep you all updated on our new home journey both on my blog and on my Youtube channel.

Have you recently move home? how are you getting on?

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