15th February 2016

Perfect Family Holiday #MarkWarnerMum 2016

I have recently seen that Mark Warner are on the look out again for Ambassadors to work with them during 2016.

What a fantastic opportunity I thought…

Nah you will never win, no point in applying said the voice on my left shoulder.

You will never know unless you apply, said the voice on my right shoulder.

After a small argument between the 2 voices I actually decided to go with Right shoulder, what can I loose?

I sat down to write a blog post and add some pictures.

Left shoulder voice said… write a blog post what a great idea!

Right shoulder voice said… A blog post with pictures? Really? You need to be different.

I then thought I could film a short video, thats been done though. So I sat thinking for a while and decided on a poem. The least poetic person in the world decided to write a poem and even tried to make it rhyme. Tried being the key word there. I started it in my head and then decided to write it down and this is what happened…


I am a Blogging Mummy (THE Blogging Mummy)

and have one son who has a dummy,

I have another son in school

but he really loves to spend time by the pool,

We love family time with each other

that is hard when you’re a Mother,

Daddy works late

we’ve never been on a date,

We want family time, We would love ‘us’ time,

I would love to sit sipping cocktails with a dash of Lime,

Whilst the kids play together nicely,

although this is highly unlikely,

We love the sun, but also love the snow

the kids would really love a Puppet show,

We love the beach, we love the sea

The kids have never seen a Palm tree,

I want to walk along the moonlit beach with my family

and see if we can spot stars in the Galaxy

We love adventures and having fun

My list has only just begun,

So Mark Warner please consider us, don’t leave us feeling blue

We would love to start our family-travelling adventures with you.

So after the silly-ness here is a little bit about my family.

My Family: We consist of Me (Mummy) Daddy, Little Man who is 4 and Bubs who is 1. We Love time together on holidays. I particularly love not having to live my life around time. We are an adventures family and love to try anything at least once.

Little Man has just started school and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Out of school he loves anything that involves being outside, climbing, swimming and generally anything on the go. He is a very out going Little boy for a 4-year-old and I think he gets that from me. We love going to the woods especially when it has rained. Little Man loves getting muddy and running around in the puddles. He isn’t worried about trying out anything new. He is always willing to try something once to see if he likes it or not.

Bubs is only a baby, well is say baby he is walking around so technically a toddler. I can however already tell that he is going to be very outgoing too. When learning to walk nothing seemed to phase him, he threw himself into it trying to run first. He now fast walks around with not a care in the world.

I am pretty much up for anything, I love to be outside and feel like time spent inside the house at weekends is wasted time. I love seeing and trying new things and generally finding out as much as I can about any new places we visit. I work 2 days a week and the rest of the time I am at home with Bubs and Little Man after he comes home from school. I hardly ever have time to sit down as there is always something to do around the house when you have a family and a home to run. I would love to have a break away, somewhere that I could enjoy my family without any distractions of home life.I really want my kids to experience as much about the world and new places as possible.

Not forgetting the other half… He works full-time with early starts and late finishes. This makes it very hard for him to have any quality time with the kids during the week. They usually are still in bed when he leaves for work and when getting home the kids are almost going to bed. A holiday would be a fantastic opportunity for us to all spend time together and no Daddy having to be at work. He loves his football (Peterborough Untied) and Little Man loves going with him.

So there is a tiny snippet of my family and my world. We would be over the moon if we were to be chosen, it is an amazing opportunity.

Silly Times


Fun Times


‘US’ time


Water Time


Outside Times


Baby Times


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