13th November 2017

Peppas Interactive Play mat – Review- Blogging Mummy

I have possibly one of the worlds biggest Peppa Pig fans, Bubs absolutely loves Peppa. I just knew he would love Peppa’s interactive play mat so couldn’t wait to receive it to review when we were asked.

If you have read my other review posts you will know that were as a family are big fans of games and toys where can be played with but can also be used to learn from at the same time. I love interactive toys where children just don’t realise they are learning whilst they are playing.

Peppa’s interactive play mat is all about interactive learning fun for children age 3 +.  The mat is to be played on the floor and the child is free to play one of the 4 activities which are… learning numbers, sing along, find and Peppa says.

Peppa will speak to your child and ask them to find certain numbers which are located around the mat inside a coloured puddle.

You can also sing along to one of 4 Peppa pig songs. Bubs loves the songs so this is a favourite of his, dancing around the room when each song comes on like a crazy Peppa Pig fan.

Peppa will also ask you to find items around the play mat, such as… where is Daddy pig, where is the orange puddle, the child will then need to press on the mat to show where these items are.


The last activity is Peppa says, these are just quotes which you listen to. This is one that Bubs found slightly boring as there isn’t a lot of interaction. The child just presses on the mat and Peppa says what is happening. There wasn’t much to do or think about with this one.

Overall Bubs loves the play mat and I would think any little Peppa Pig fan would also love this mat. The mat is great for smaller children as you can wipe it clean if anything is spilt on it. The play mat itself is 81cm square so it is a good size to play with at home or pack up and take out with you. It’s really great for packing as well if you are going away on holiday.

With Bubs being 3 years old he is learning new things every day and learning numbers and colours is a massive part of each day of his life. Combining this with something he loves (Peppa) is great because he is learning whilst playing and I think as parents we all love a toy or activity that combine these 2 things. Bubs can point to all of the numbers and the colours. I think the mat looks fun without doing anything, just to lay on the floor and talk about what is going on in each little picture is great. 

I would recommend this Play-mat and know that it is going to be something which is played with for a long time in our house. I love the fact it is quite sensitive to touch as well. With other mats like this I have found they can be quite hard to find the touch part, where as with this one it is very sensitive and easy for even my 3-year-old to press.

Peppa’s Play mat can be found at Amazon currently prices at £19.99

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