27th October 2020

Pensilly Game Review

If you are looking for that silly family game to play on Christmas Day this year, then look no further. Pensilly is the silliest drawing game and will give you hours of laughs. Each year we always get the on trend Christmas game to play after a belly full of Turkey and Pensilly has to be the funniest game.

Pensilly is a super silly drawing game. It is super easy to set up, super silly to play and super duper good family fun. To play the game you simply pick a description card and a subject card and draw one picture that incorporates both words. So for instance you could pick a Subject card saying ‘Turtle’ and the Description card ‘Honest’ meaning you have to draw an honest turtle in one picture. Whilst you are drawing your team mates are trying to guess what you are drawing. This sounds easy I hear you say…. not so easy when it is against the clock and the pencil is shaking all over the place.

There are over 5,500 combinations you can randomly pick. The large pencil has 2 settings one fast and one slightly slower and in fact I find it easier on the faster setting. The winner of the game is the first person to 10 points, each card has a points value in the bottom right. If the team guesses the word on just one card you keep that one if they get both then you keep both.

The PenSilly box contains

The only downside I can see to this game is when the whiteboard markers run out. They have to be a certain size to fit inside Pensilly and so I worry I may not be able to find any replacements.

All in all I 100% recommend this game, it really is so much fun to play and both the kids and us adults love it.

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