23rd March 2014

Parking at Wembley stadium!!!

Next Sunday is Mothers Day as I’m sure all you mums out there will know. However if you have a husband or partner who is a Posh fan you will also know posh are playing at Wembley in the Johnstons Paint Trophy final.

My other half is a massive Posh fan so next Sunday the other half, Little man and myself are all off to Wembley to watch posh play. With an almost 3 year old and me being pregnant we decided to drive as it would be less stressful.

I decided to look at parking to make sure I knew where we were going to park. Like to be organised like that. I thought the best place to park would be at the stadium itself. Then to my absolute horror I discovered it was £30 to park there just for the time the game was on. Yes that’s right that’s not a typo it’s £30 to park your car at the stadium. I have 2 words… ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. I can not believe that they are charging people that much to park. It’s taking the Mickey in all honesty. Have you ever in your life payed £30 to park your car anywhere for the best park of 3 hours. 90 mins while the game is on and then a bit of time before and after the game.

Wembley Stadium I am absolutely disgusted!!!!!!!!!

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2 responses to “Parking at Wembley stadium!!!”

  1. When we went to see Take That, we got the train as a group saver ticket was cheaper. Parking should be part of the ticket price, but most are owned by a separate private company.

  2. Lovedbyparents says:

    Gosh, I have to agree with you. £30 to park your car ontop of the price of the tickets is disgusting!

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