9th April 2018

Palace House – Newmarket

We have been so lucky to work with Discover Newmarket for the past couple of years. This Easter we were invited to an Easter event at Palace house and the kids were really EGGcited…. booom booom!

Upon arrival at Palace house both children were given a bingo sheet to fill in as they walked around and an activity card which was right up their street. Our eldest loves anything like this and he helped his little brother who was just a bit too young at 3 years old.

We arrived around lunch time and headed straight off to get lunch from The Tac Room and it was just fantastic. The scones were just out of this world, and the salmon sandwiches were the best. Doug and I had a lovely picnic bag with sandwiches, scone, sausage roll, scotch egg, veg sticks and fruit and the kids had a lovely kids bag with sandwiches, crisps, fruit and a lovely Easter cake.

Horse Simulator- After a pit stop for lunch the kids had heard about the Horse simulator and they were asking if we could go and have a look. The simulator is located in the Kings Yard galleries, make sure to go and find Legless (simulator nickname) if you visit. The children are encouraged to dress up in Jockey colours and it just adds a bit more fun to it.  Adults can also ride however I had already had a go on a previous visit and hubby didn’t fancy embarrassing himself!


Interactive learning for the kids AND ADULTS – In Palace house there is a fantastic interactive learning room which I found just as amazing as the kids did. You can find out where certain body parts are in a horse compared to a human, trust me it will surprise you.  You can look a the size of a horse heart compared to a human heart, there is a screen explains all about a horse as it runs in a race and how its body adapts to see going when racing.  I actually learnt quite a bit and it was so interesting, the interactive part of it makes it a lot more child friendly as well.

Tour of Rothchilds Yard and – We went on a walking tour around the Rothchilds yard where old race horses are retired. This is where they come and TRY to leave behind their racing days although once a race horse always a race horse. There were some beautiful horses which are currently there which have won in excess of 1 million pounds between them.

So if you are looking for a fun day out for the whole family I would highly suggest a trip to Palace House. This is our second visit and its great, there is plenty to do and lots for the kids. The boys loved watching the horses and looking around the yard and stables.


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