30th August 2019

Our trip to Tropical Island Resort – Berlin

It was Doug’s Birthday in April and I decided to take him away with the kids to Tropical Island Resort in Berlin. I had seen a little bit about what this place was and it looked amazing. Although it’s a waterpark this is a place for adults as well as kids. With the kids coming with us it had to be a place they would enjoy as well.

I set about booking the flights, we hired a car and stayed in a mobile home at Tropical Island Resort. We flew on the 26th August and stayed for 3 night’s with 4 full days there due to our flight times.

Having just got back I thought I would share with you guys what this place is all about. We had a fantastic time and it really is a place that adults can enjoy with or without kids.

There are big slides, River rapids, massive pools, a white sand beach, balloon rides, loads of food halls to eat in, wildlife all inside a disused aircraft hanger which is ginormous and kept at 29 degrees all year round.

We stayed in one of the mobile homes which had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room with dining area. Although we didn’t eat at the lodge we eat in the resort itself. The only thing with the food is… whilst there is a lot to chose from and many different eating houses, there isn’t much healthy food. Its a lot of burgers, pasta, pizza, Asian buffet etc type of food. We had no problem with that only being there for 3 nights, but it could be an issue for some people. The pizza, Pasta and burgers were all freshly cook whilst you waited and the frozen yogurt for dessert was just THE BEST!!

We spent most of our time on the many different slides that are there. We would really recommend this place, but being in the middle of no where you really are confined to the resort itself. We stayed for 3 nights with 4 full days and I think that 2 nights with 3 full days would have been enough. That doesn’t mean we didn’t like it, we just feel that 3 full days would have been enough.

As well as the waterpark, there is soft play for the kids, rides, there are jeep rides outside near the mobile homes, outdoor play areas and much more.

If you are looking for a short break away like this then it really is a fun place to visit. We would definitely go back and everyone had an amazing time.

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