3rd May 2015

Our trip to Centre Parcs Woburn

We have just got back from Centre Parcs Woburn. This is the newest park and has been open less than a year.





We are big Centre Parcs fans, its fantastic for the kids. With Woburn being just over an hour away from us its perfect travelling with the children too.

Previously we have visited Sherwood and Elveden and really was not sure what to expect at Woburn. we thought it might be all too new and not established. The arrival was fantastic and quick, we parked up and went for a walk around and had some lunch in the sports bar. The food was fantastic in there and not to pricey for this sort of place.

You don’t have a key for your lodge you have a stretchy wrist band that you just put up to the key pad on your door and it opens. You also use this for your locker in the swimming pool and you can register your bank card to it so you can pay using it and don’t have to carry cash around. I personally think this is a great idea. (you can keep it on in the water so never any need to take it off)

The lodge was fantastic and clean, Little man loved it and didn’t want to leave. My parents stayed in the hotel which was so luxurious and it still smelt brand new.



We did a few activities whilst there, Little man went on the kids jet skis, there is a soft play area which he loved and we went on the lake on the boats. There is also a lovely sand area near the lake like the beach which he loved playing on making sand castles. We also played golf which was slightly disappointing. It was  a bit boring and all the holes seemed to be the same shape or same size. I prefer crazy golf where you have to go through obstacles or down holes and come out somewhere else.







We had a meal on night at the Indian and I am afraid to say it was blooming awful. We actually put in a complaint and got a chunk of money refunded. We are not really people to complain but our meal was awful and had no choice. It was also far to pricey a main dish i.e. Chicken madras was £13 which I think is far to expensive. The food tasted awful my Little Man could have cooked a better curry.

All in all we had a great week away but would not go back to Woburn. It is not established enough, so all the lodges seemed rammed in where as at Elveden and Sherwood you are really amongst the trees and feel a lot more secluded which we prefer.


Inside the cabanas at the pool





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  1. Jo says:

    Hiya, I hope you don’t mind me asking but I noticed you had a cot inside your cabana at Center Parcs – was this your own cot or did they supply it? Thanks Jo

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