23rd July 2015

Our night at the theatre

We recently were very lucky to receive 2 tickets to attend the Shaftesbury theatre in london. We went to see Memphis and I knew we would both love it. It’s really nice for the other half and I to be able to get out and do things like this. The kids love to stay with my parents and they love having them.

We decided to eat before we went due to the strikes on the tube, we were unsure how well we would be able to get around.



We arrived in London about an hour before the tubes stopped and we managed to get a tube to Euston. From Euston we walked to the theatre. From the station it took us about half an hour to walk at a slow pace. We also wasn’t 100% sure where we were going, however we knew when we arrived as it was very busy around the theatre.

We waited to pick up our tickets at the box office and then went to take our seats. We were seated quite near the back, which I actually prefer as you can see the whole stage. I always feel if you are to close to the front you are constantly looking up and moving your head. We was advised we could move forward to some empty seats should we wish.

The Shaftesbury theatre is a small theatre but this makes it great because of the wonderful vocals. It’s lovely and clean inside and seats were really comfy.



The show featured Beverly Knight and Killian Donnelly and they did not disappoint. Their vocals were fantastic and the dancers were outstanding. They were all so well rehearsed and in time with each other. Absolutely jaw dropping to watch. The show is colourful and non stop the whole way through. Even in the break people were singing as they walked to the toilets and the same on the way out.

All in all I would highly recommend this show. If you are thinking of going get the tickets booked. You will have a fantastic evening.

We managed to get a taxi back from the theatre to Kings cross and it cost £15, not a bad price.

Have you been to the theatre recently? What have you seen?


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24 responses to “Our night at the theatre”

  1. kim styles says:

    I used to live in London and visited the west end often for the big musicals – cats ,les miserables etc- I missed those times and the feel good factor when you have seen a great show

    • My other half had never been to the theatre before and he really enjoyed it. Ah yeah t fab when you walk out and can hear people still singing the songs. Hoping to go back again soon to see something else.

  2. That sounds like an amazing night. It’s one of the things I would love to do someday. Travel over to London and see a show, I really hope one day I will get the opportunity.
    Delighted you enjoyed your night out 🙂

  3. dillydrops says:

    I’ve not been to the theatre for a while. I used to love going. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed this show. I really hope to go to something like this one day soon.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the theatre other than to see a panto as a child. It’s something I have on my bucket list of things to do before 30, I would particularly like to visit the theatre in London!

  5. Kate ✚ says:

    Ah I love the theatre so much! Especially the West End. One of the last things I went to see was The Lion King with my two eldest children. Such a wonderful show 🙂

  6. Tessa says:

    It’s been a very long time since I saw a show in London but my boyfriend mentioned recently that he’s never seen one at all so I think we will be making a trip to the theatre soon!


  7. Niamh G says:

    Ooh, I love a good night out at the theatre – what a treat! (And how funny that people were singing on their way to the toilets!)

  8. I love, love LOVE the theatre… in fact any live entertainment at all from stand-up comedians to Shakespeare – but my all time favourite is musical theatre; lucky you for getting to have a fun night out at ‘Memphis’ with your beloved!

  9. I know this will be hard to believe… But. I’ve never been to the theater. It sounds like SO much fun and a lovely time you had! I am putting a trip to the theater on my bucket list. =D

  10. jmisho says:

    Recently yes. It sort of lifts your spirits, doesn’t it? I feel invigorated every time I leave the venue 😀

  11. Emma says:

    I haven’t been to the theatre for such a long time! It’s always such a fun time. Lovely to hear you had such a nice time!

    Emma xxx

  12. My work colleague recommended memphis only the other week after he’d been down that way with his wife for a few days. Now I’m reading about it… is that a good enough ‘sign’ that i have to go?!

  13. What a fab evening out, I havnt been to theatre in London but would love to. I did do Broadway when we went to New York years ago and its was super.

  14. Alex says:

    Before Lamb came along my husband and I used to go to the theatre a lot. It would always be for birthdays etc. I’ve not been in ages and would love to see this show. Sounds like lots of fun x

  15. What a great idea for a night out. I haven’t been to the theatre in years but I used to really enjoy it. You’ve made me want to look up what shoes are on in my area now 🙂

  16. lifewithmunchers says:

    We took Munch to a show for the first time not long ago and it cost less than the cinema. It’s a great idea for a night, or day out and we’d defo do it again. Glad you had a nice time x

  17. I’m so pleased to hear you had a good time. I love the theatre, but haven’t been to a musical for a while, unless you class Peppa Pig in that genre 😉

  18. I have never been to any theatre and would really love to. went to see Dirty Dancing at my local theatre and just loved it! Really pleased you had a great time. It’s good to have a break sometimes.

  19. Ana De-Jesus says:

    I love the theatre I go almost every year my favourite is the first musical I ever saw The Lion King followed by Wicked and then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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