12th April 2015

Our night at the Gordon Ramsey restaurant at the Savoy London

On Friday 4th April 2015 the Mister and I had a night a lovely meal at the savoy in London. The restaurant we ate in was The Gordon Ramsey restaurant. I had always wanted to eat at a place where you walk out hungry, you know the really posh places that serve you barely enough to fill an ant.


I was so excited and couldn’t wait to eat there. My Mum had the kids and off we went on the train to enjoy a rare evening out together.

We got to London and went in a pub near Kings Cross and to my surprise look who was drinking in there… Yep Its Ben Mitchell from Eastenders. (Sneaky Pic taken)


We then decided to get a taxi to the Savoy which was a nightmare due to lots of roads around there being closed because of the Holborn fire. We arrived on time and Oh my god it was posh. Walking into the Savoy we felt so posh it was amazing.



We walked into the restaurant, sat down and looked at the menu. We had already decided that no matter the price we were going to order what we both wanted. the cheapest red wine was £50. We chose a £100 bottle and it was the bed red wine either of us had ever tasted. I could have drunk the whole bottle to myself but at £100 a bottle we decided on just the one. The wine was poured into this beautiful decanter and every time you took a sip they came over and topped your glass up. Nothing was too much effort at all.




We both had the soup of the day to start with, no normal soup though. I actually can’t tell you what it is as I have no idea. the bowl came out with no liquid in it and just the bits that would usually be in the soup. The liquid for the soup them came in like a gravy boat and they poured it in separately. It was delicious even though I have no idea what it was.



I had made my mind up that I was going to try food I would never usually pick, so for my main I had Sea-bass and Linguine. The mister had Sirloin steak we then ordered side separate. I ordered seasonal greens and the mister had chips and mushrooms in garlic sauce. The Sea Bass melted in my mouth it was so nice and the Misters steak was cooked to perfection.


For dessert I had a chocolate mouse with runny caramel in the centre and the Mister had Pineapple in some soaked in “something” with coconut ice cream. My dessert was the best tasting mousse I have ever had and will ever have unless we go back here again.







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