6th October 2014

Our New Arrival

I’m a Mummy for the second time now and the other half is Daddy for the second time, however Little Man is now a big brother and he absolutely loves it.

Our Bubs was born on 15th September 2014 by elective C-section at 0941. It was the best day of my life joint with the day Little Man was born.

The day started early for us. I had to be at the hospital for 0700 on the 15th and with my nerves I was up at about 0500. I had a lovely shower, did my hair and make up. My Mum arrived to look after Little Man and then we were ready to go. I was so nervous and scared about having an elective section. I had before had an emergency section but I was sky-high on morphine and gas and air and don’t remember that much about the whole experience. This time was a lot different.

When we arrived I was told I was first on the list and would be going to have my baby first. In total there were 4 ladies there having sections on the 15th. I was glad I was first as it meant I wasn’t sitting around waiting all day and getting more and more nervous. On the other hand though I was shitting it.

I asked for cream on my hand so I didn’t feel the cannula going in as this was something really scared me. They put the cream on my hand and asked me to get changed. The other half also got changed into his scrubs and we were ready to go. It was 0900 and I was walking down to theatre and I could feel myself starting to get upset. I had requested my other half was with me all the way,So he then was allowed in whilst I was having the spinal and being prepared.

When I got into the theatre it was a very daunting experience and I was so scared and burst into tears. Everyone was so nice though and tried to put me at ease. It was bright, white, cold and machines everywhere. First of all the anaesthetist put the cannula in and didn’t feel a thing thanks to the cream. It was then time for the spinal. The lady told me the anaesthetic would sting like a bee sting and believe me it did it really stung a lot. The sting lasted about 10 seconds. I was then told to sit really still as it was time for the spinal. I didn’t hurt at all I just felt some pressure and then my legs felt really hot. I had to quickly lay down so The spinal spread out in my body equally. About 2 minutes later I started to feel really hot and faint and I totally panicked and felt sick. I hadn’t eaten anything since the night before however I was still sick but it was nothing really. One of the nurses had to get a wet cold cloth to put on my forehead which cooled me down a lot.

The anaesthetist then sprayed me to make sure I couldn’t feel anything where I shouldn’t and it was fine. I couldn’t feel a thing so I was relived it had worked OK for me. The nurses then fitted the catheter and they were ready to get bubs out. We were both so excited and just wanted to meet our baby.

It took about 10 minutes and I heard a sucking noise and was told that was my waters. I was so excited as I knew they must be close to baby now. Next thing I felt like a massive weight lifted off me and I knew baby was out. the other half and I both started to cry with such happiness and then we found out we had a beautiful baby boy. The other half went off to see him and one of the nurses then stayed with me and held my hand. About 5 minutes later after bubs had his vitamin K injection and was wrapped up the Midwife bought him over to me and I got to hold him on my chest. This is something I didn’t get to do with Little Man and it was so emotional. One of the best moments of my whole life. A moment no one can ever ever ever take away from me it was just perfect.

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I was shaking a lot from the spinal which is common so the other half then took him and had a cuddle. After about another 25 minutes I was wheeled round to recovery. I stayed in recovery for the next 6 hours. We  just called family and friends, sat and stared at bubs, changed and dressed him and fed him. It was just so perfect and so much more relaxed and calm. A mile away from my emergency section.

After being in recovery for 6 hours I was taken to the maternity in patients ward. It was then I got to see my Mum and dad and Little Man. Little Man was very over whelmed and didn’t really know what to think at first. As time has gone on though he absolutely loves his little brother and will do anything for him.


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Little Man has made me so proud of how he has been with his new brother. He has really shown what a super star he is.

I feel like our family is now complete. I have a partner that I absolutely adore who is also my best friend, and I have my 2 boys that make my world spin they are the sunshine in my life and are just so perfect. Couldn’t be happier


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5 responses to “Our New Arrival”

  1. Marylin says:

    Congratulations lovely! Two beautiful boys. <3 Well done you!! xx

  2. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) says:

    Huge congratulations and lovely to hear all went so well. You sound like such a happy, proud mama and its just lovely to read! My c section is in 2 weeks time, and though I’ve been through it once I am nervous. Reassuring to read what a good experience you had! Xx

    • bloggingmummy87 says:

      Ah I’m so glad my post reassured you. It really is a good experience even though I was so scared it was very positive.

      I can’t wait to see pics of your bubba:-) look forward to reading your birth story. It only natural to be nervous Hun.

      Best of luck you will be absolutely fine xx

  3. Barbara Handley says:

    How lovely to read this.I hope all is well and you are managing to get some sleep.

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