27th July 2015

Our first week of living on a budget

I told you last week that I was going to start spending only £50 a week on our food shopping. There were so many ways we could cut down and here is how we did…

Day 1…

Stuffed Peppers with new potatoes, salad and corn on the cob. (not the best pic as I forgot to take a picture and I had already started eating) The rest of the salad items can be used for lunches along with the left over potatoes.



DAY 2…

Fish with salad and paprika wedges. We used salad which we already had from the stuffed peppers salad, we already had potatoes in the drawer and the fish was bought.




Day 3…

We had a beef curry cooked in the slow cooker with rice. I had a mint ryita with it which is delicious. Neither of us have a naan as were following Slimming World. This picture really doesn’t give this meal justice.


Day 4…

We had a slimming world meal with rice. It has to be a quick one on Thursday nights as I attend Slimming World and don’t have much time to cook.


Day 5…

We didn’t actually eat as we had a works night out with food there. So I guess this is a bit of a cheat day.

Day 6…

We had homemade chilli.


For lunches we had salads with new potatoes, jackets, food from left over meals such as the curry, Pasta with spicy beans. This is the only lunch picture I took.


How much did we spend?
We spent £55.38 so we were only £5.38 over which for our first attempt getting it down from £120 is pretty good.

On top of the above meals that I bought ingredients for we bought bread and eggs, extra salad essentials, cold meats for sandwiches and veg.

How did I find it?
I actually found it quite hard to stick to £50, it is a big jump from what we are used to spending. I have decided although we were so close to the £50 I am going to set aside £80 a week and hopefully get that down to £50 in the next couple of months. I need to start getting an eye for a bargain or a “yellow label” (reduced food) I feel we had to make a lot of sacrifices that it would have been nice to have. So we didn’t have as much fruit, I didn’t have any yoghurt, the other half had no beers at the weekend, we had no crisps or treats, Little man didn’t have his comic. I know the above things are not needed however I feel at the moment if we up our budget to £80 which we are able to afford these things need not be cut out.

I managed to buy brands that were cheaper than we usually bought but not all own brands. I bought Tesco own fruit where I could. We do use some own brands for our meal times however not enough. We will be trying more cheaper brands over the next few months to try to cut down there to.

I also saved by not throwing food away if it was past it’s best before date. Before I would have thrown away anything past its best before. This week Salad items and fruit that were just a couple of days past were actually just as good.

I am going to try over the next few weeks to be more strict with food shopping as I have proved to myself this week that £120 is a really silly amount to be spending. I still think if we are able to get it down to £80 that is still good.


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5 responses to “Our first week of living on a budget”

  1. Sarah says:

    I rea;;y needtotry to focus and cut down on my shopping bill food is the one thing I spendtoo much on but I just don’t really know where to cut down

    • Hey, yeah its hard. I really cut back on so much. However we didn’t have certain things as I mentioned. I don’t really want to cut down on fruit and a few little treats when we don’t have to. I think the £80 will be fine though. We will see 🙂 x

  2. You’ve done so well to cut it down from £120 to £55 thats amazing! I tend to spend £50 a week without milk or nappies but could easily spend £80+ if i wanted to ha. I’ve started to cut out the pop, crisps and unhealthy snacks and i noticed a huge difference with that. I guess when Harry is eating more as he grows i will then cook meals for us all as i only cook for myself at the moment as Amelia is so fussy she has something different so i hate cooking for 1. xx

    • Ah thanks 🙂

      I remember when I was living on my own before the kids, I used to hate cooking for myself and used to live on stir fry or pasta. Its so hard to just cook for one seems like a lot of effort doesn’t it. Luckily my 2 eat what we do unless we have something spicy.

      It was really hard and I felt like the kids missed out a bit with not as much fruit and no yoghurts or little treats etc. xx

  3. I would find it hard. Can easily spend £100 with chocolate treats etc

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