12th January 2015

Our Christmas and New Year 2014

The Christmas period came and went in a flash. Christmas day was amazing however from boxing day on-wards we were a house full of colds and coughs.

On Christmas day my parents and Grandma came over. This year for 2 reasons mad it the best Christmas of my life so far. Firstly because I had my 2 beautiful children with Bubs seeing his first Christmas. Not that he will remember it but we do. Secondly this year was the first year Little Man really was aware of Santa and who he was. He had been so excited for months.

I was just as excited as Little Man, his Dad and myself couldn’t wait to see his face in the morning after putting out all of his presents. It was just magical, amazing and we all loved every second of the day. We or should I say I went  OTT on buying presents and the kids had far too much. We were opening presents from 0800 till the late afternoon after we had our Dinner.

We all eat far too much and are still eating the sweets and chocolates now. So much for Slimming World starting from 2nd Jan.

New Years Eve was a wipe out. It started with Bubs being really upset and nothing we did would calm him. We ordered a takeaway and I ended up eating with one hand whilst trying to calm Bubs. The other half was stuffing his food down him to eat quick and take Bubs off me so I could eat. After 2 hours of almost constant crying I could tell he had a poorly belly. This was around 2200 and I had no idea what chemists were open to go and  buy Gripe Water. We eventually found a chemist open and the Gripe Water settled him almost instantly. Poor Little Bubs was by now so worn out he fell asleep and was totally out of it all night. Then at 2330 Little Man decided he wanted to get up and ended up coming down and messing about. So all in all it was a pretty hectic night. Somewhere in-between we managed to set off a few fireworks for Little Man and play the Jelly Bean game. However the kids really are everything so Id rather of had the night we did than not be here with them and have been out.

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