8th April 2015

Our Bank holiday Easter weekend 2015

We have been very busy this Easter bank holiday weekend. I love to get outside doing anything, I hate being stuck inside the house. Little Man is the same as me too he loves to always be doing something.

The weekend started on Friday and The other half and I were off to London to the Savoy. We went to eat at the Gordon Ramsey resteraunt. I will write a full post on this later on in the week. We really enjoyed the evening, I have never eaten in such a posh place.

On Saturday I went swimming with Little Man whilst Bubs stayed at home with Daddy. The other half was on call for work so was unable to come. Little Man loves swimming and I have signed him up for swimming lessons.

On Easter Sunday we took Little Man along with Bubs in his buggy to the local driving range. Little man has been asking to go to golf for ages. Our neighbour always plays golf and Little Man always sees him going off with his golf equipment so that’s where he knows about golf from. We have a lovely driving range right near us. It was £12 for 200 balls and we had great fun. The mister used to play golf so he had 100 balls whilst I was trying to help Little Man just hit them. He really enjoyed himself and after all the balls had gone he wanted more.  Before we went out I put a leg of lamb in the oven and when we came home the house smelt amazing.




Last day of the holidays Monday, the mister was no longer on call and we took both boys swimming. This was Bubs first time swimming but I knew he was going to love it. He loves the bath and kicks his legs around like crazy. As soon as we got into the pool Bubs face lit up and I was so surprised he stayed in for almost 45 minutes.

In between all of this we did a few Easter Crafts and fun things. We did the usual Easter egg hunt, Painting and making and being generally silly together.




So there is a round up of what we got up to this Easter weekend. Family time is so important to us and this weekend was a great family filled fun weekend. What did you all get up to, Id love to hear if you went to any nice places we could try out.







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  1. Looks like you had a fantastic Easter Weekend x

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