26th July 2015

Our baby is now 10 months

All I want to say is… Stop growing so fast. Our baby soon will not be a baby any more and it really saddens me. Bubs has grown up far to fast and the months have flown by. I can’t believe he has now been here with us longer than he was growing in my tummy for.

Bubs is such a giggly baby. He will laugh at everything , especially when his brother is being silly. The boys are so close and I have a really good feeling that it will stay like this when they grow up. I really hope they get on well and are best friends. Now Bubs is interacting more Little Man loves to play with him and make him smile and laugh.

I didn’t do the BLW as it scared the hell out of me. Over the last month thought I have started to mash his food a lot less so there are bigger pieces. I cut fruit and let him eat it off a plate, which still scares me so much but it has to be done. I have noticed over the last few weeks he tries to grab the spoon when feeding. I am wondering if this means he wants to feed himself rather them me spoon-feeding him.

He still isn’t crawling or walking. He rolls around the floor to get to where he wants and loves standing up holding onto my thumbs. Still loves running around in his walker and bouncing in the Jumper.

Bubs now has 8 teeth and I am sure more are on their way, the amount of dribble that comes out of his mouth it has to be teething. He does bite hard too, so i need to make sure my fingers stay away from his mouth.

Although Bubs is now 10 months old he has just gone into 9-12 month old clothes. They are still quite big on him but he will grow into them.

He will also sit and watch Pepper Pig. I blame Little Man for this as I really hate Pepper Pig and now I have 2 kids who love it. I let the kids watch a few of them each day and Bubs will just sit and stare at the Tv. He will move his head if you get in front of him watching it.

So in short…






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  1. aww how cute makes me all broody time flies cant believe my oldest is 23

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