23rd February 2013

Orchard Toys, Pirate Shapes Review.


We have recently received the Pirates Shapes game from Orchard Toys to review. For anyone reading this review who has not heard of Orchard toys, all I can say is their products are fab! Orchard toys are a leading manufacturer of educational puzzles and games. Their puzzles and games range from 18 months right up to 12 years. All the board used for the puzzles and games is 100% recycled as is all the packaging. All of the products are manufactured here in the UK. So there is a little bit of background about Orchard Toys for you. Onto the fun part now… Our review.

The Pirate shapes games is for ages 2.5 to 6 years and is for 2-4 players. Now my little man is only 22 months old. I was unsure if he would be able to play the game as he is a bit young, but when he saw the box he could not wait to get it open and have a look. He was so excited.

Little man getting the new game out

opening box

Included inside the box is 4 pirate boards each with 6 push out shapes. The aim of the game is to push out all the shapes and then be the first person to put them back in the right place on your board. It’s not quite as easy as that though.  Each person playing pushes out their shapes, then places them in the middle of the table face down. You then take it in turns to turn a piece over. If the piece you turn over fits your board then you take that piece and place it on your pirate board. If the piece you choose is not on your board you have to place it back face down on the table. The winner is the first person to get all their shapes and complete their pirate board.


pirate shapes

This game is great for a range of different skills such as memory, learning different shapes and learning different colours.

Now you may be thinking my little man is too young for this. Well honestly he is a bit to young to play the game as it should be played. That does not mean he can not learn with this game. Little man has had so much fun fitting the pieces into the correct holes. It is also going to help him learn different shapes. When he picks a shape up I tell him what that shape is called. He is old enough to pick a shape up and know which hole to fits it into. So although we don’t play the game as it should be played, it is really going to help little man learn the same things, just in a different way.

Little man playing with one of the Pirate Boards

playing game

This game gets a massive thumbs up from me and little man. The other half also thinks it is a great way of teaching children in a fun way. Children will have so much fun playing this game, they will not even realise they are learning. The boards and push out shapes are all made of thick sturdy cardboard.

This game retails for £9.50 and  is available to buy from the Orchard Toys website – why not take a look at it here.

If you think this game looks like fun, please have a look at what else Orchard Toys have to offer. There are many more games and puzzles you can have a look at. I think the Post Box game looks great fun and again a fun way of learning. For smaller babies there are a great variety of big 2 piece jigsaw puzzles.

You can join Orchard toy on Facebook   http://www.facebook.com/orchardtoysltd and follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/orchardtoys

Orchard Toys sent me this game to review for them. All pictures are my own and all views expressed are my own.

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  1. Thanks Rachel for your lovely, comprehensive review. So glad Little Man coped with the game although he is a little below the recommended age range. Hope it brings him hours of fun!

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