9th August 2017

Orchard Toys | Little Bug Bingo Review

If you are a regular reader over here on Blogging Mummy you will know we are massive Orchard Toys fans.  today we bring you Little bug bingo which is a brilliant travel game. Its one that anyone can play and the whole family can enjoy together.

We are going away in August so I know this will be a fab addition to the kids bag for the plane journey.

Whats included…

The game is really simply and easy to play, it is for 2-4 players from ages 3 +

Each players has a picture bingo card, the picture cards are then turned over so they are face down. Each player then takes it in turns to turn over a picture card. If the card turned over matches the picture on ANY of the players bingo cards, then you put a leaf counter over that picture. The winner is the first person to cover up all pictures on their bingo card. It really is that simple!

Both of my boys love this game, Bubs is only 2 but he loves playing he can spot which animals he has from the card picked.

I highly recommend this game especially if you have a long plane/train or car journey. The game is also a brilliant game to just play as a family at the weekend on a lazy Sunday. As a family we love to play games and this is a great new addition to our collection.


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