23rd July 2015

Orchard Toys Frog Party review

In our house we love the Orchard Toys games, not only because they are fun to play but because your children learn whilst playing. Little Man loves playing all of the Orchard Toys games we have, some of which he is now to big for and they have been put away for Bubs.

Recently we have been playing the Frog Party game and its been a huge hit with Little Man. It’s a mathematics game that can be made easier for the younger children or harder for the older ones. It’s a very simple game and easy to set up, however its great for counting, addition and number recognition.



The aim of the game is to be the first person to get your frog to the frog party at the centre of the board. Up to 4 people can play this game at any one time.







Once you have set the board up which takes no longer than 30 seconds you will need to choose your colour. You can either be red, yellow, blue or green. each person then takes it in turns to spin both spinners. Once the spinner has been spun there are a few ways you can work out how many spaces you need to move your frog. For the older children you can add the two numbers together in your head and then move your frog on the board. For the younger children you can either use the Lily Pads, so if spinner one lands on number 4 you take 4 Lily pads. Then if spinner 2 lands on 5 you take 5 lily pads and then your child adds them all up together by counting how many then have in total. (This is how Little Man played) The other way is to use the number line along the bottom of the spinners.

Once you have worked out how many spaces your frog needs to move the next player has a go. The game goes on like this until someone gets their frog to the party in the middle. the first person to do so is the winner.





Such a simple game to play, at the same time its such a fun way to help with counting and number recognition. The number recognition comes from knowing which number the spinner lands on.

Overall we love this game, it’s as always fantastic quality and easy to play. Little Man and I will be playing this game a lot over the next few weeks before he starts school. Id love him to be able to do simple addition before starting school using numbers adding up to no more than 10.

What Orchard Toys games do you love in your household?


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  1. dillydrops says:

    Orchard Toys make many fantastic games. They are always a hit in our house! I like the look of this one. We have a frog that visits our garden at the moment so my daughter would love this game.

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