20th October 2017

Orchard Toys Animal Shapes

Orchard Toys is our absolute favourite, as far as Educational games go Orchard Toys are way ahead. The quality of the product is amazing and the games are just fantastic both of my kids absolutely love them. Another thing we love about the games is that most of them can be played a couple of different way which is great and such good value for money.

Animal shapes is an early learning shapes and colours game for ages 18 months + and for 1 or more players. The child has to try to match each shape to the friendly animal that it belongs to. The game comes with 12 different animals, Dog, Octopus, Crab, Chicken, Pig, Sheep, Horse, Spider, Cat, Fish, Snail and a Frog. All you do is simply pop out each shape from the animal lay them out and then the child can pick up each shape and a pop it back in the right animal. Its such a simple and easy game to play and the fact it can be played alone or together is great.

With this game you can also play animal noises where you try to make the noise each animal makes, you can identify the colours and name the animals.

This game encourages shape recognition, teaches colour and matching skills and develops hand eye coördination.

The game comes in a really handy box with a handle so the game can be played at home or taken in the car and away on holiday. It’s such a great size to just pack up and take with you. We recently went to Greece and took Little Bug Bingo with us and so many people commented on the plane how nice it was to see the children playing a game rather than just being on the IPad. The kids had so much fun playing the Bingo game and I was so pleased we decided to take it away with us.


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