17th June 2015

Open Farm Sunday

A couple of weekends ago the Uk had an event called Open Farm Sunday. Lot of  Farms open there gates for the general public to visit. Not all farms take part but there are a lot that do. You are able to go on the website and put in your postcode to see where your nearest one is. The boys, My Mum and Me decided to visit one in Grantham as it was a big one and had a lot going on.

There was…

I knew Little Man would love it as this kind of thing is right up his street. It was a really hot day and I wasn’t sure how much Bubs would enjoy it only being a baby. However he was so good in his buggy and was very well-behaved.

This event happens once a year and we will 100% be going again next year. It was a fantastic day and we all really enjoyed it.














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