24th October 2013


I need to apologise to all my readers about this rant on my blog. I am not getting anywhere by calling British Gas so I am hoping this may help. If it does not I WILL be going to the local papers about it. I am sick and fed up of British Gas , their disgusting customer service and the way they treat people.

So this all started 4 years ago. We had a debt on our British gas account which yes was our fault, BUT it was paid off and sorted over 3.5 years ago. This was at our old house which we no longer live at and we no longer have a British Gas account. After paying the debit British gas then called us back advising they had overcharged us by £80 and they wanted to give it back to us. The only way they could refund this money though was to put it onto our metre (we had a card metre fitted at this time) We advised British gas this was no good to us due the fact we were moving the day after and wouldn’t be able to use the credit. We were told this was basically bad luck and there was nothing else they could do. At this time I had so much going on with moving and being pregnant that I just forgot about the £80 and left it.

All then was fine until about 6 months ago when British Gas decided to chase us for the money which we had already paid. As soon as we received the letter I called them and asked what was going on. British Gas then said they were sorry for chasing us it was a mistake and yes we had paid it off and to ignore the letter they had sent us. So I was happy with this response and left it at that.

Then 3 months after the 1st letter we received another letter but this time from a debt agency asking for the money. I once again called British Gas straight away. I spoke to a lovely lady who called through to collections who ONCE AGAIN said she was really sorry and after looking through our account she could see we had paid it off and she was really sorry. They advised that they would call the debt agency and advised it was a mistake and that the account was clear. I asked for a letter to be sent to me stating that this account is clear, I was told that they isn’t something that could be done.

All was fine until last week when we got yet another letter from a different debt collecting agency once again asking for the debt money. Now by this time I was so (sorry about the next work) pissed off as I sure any of you would be in this situation. I called British Gas once again. I must add that each time I call up I am on hold for about 20 minutes. This time I called up and was told after being on hold for over 20 minutes the systems were down. I am a very laid back relaxed person but at this point I lost it. I asked to speak with a manager, to which I was told well my manager can’t help you as she also has no system.  I said that’s fine I would still like to speak to her please.

The manager then came on the phone and spoke to me. I explained all of the above to her. She said that she was really sorry and could understand my frustrations. The manager advised that as her system was down there was nothing that could be done right then but she would call me back the next morning. This was Monday night, to you and me the next morning is Tuesday Morning right?? So I waited all day on Tuesday for a call back and got nothing. I decided to give her Wednesday to call me too and still nothing. So on Wednesday  23rd October evening  I decided enough was enough and I would call in again and ask to speak with the same manager. I called up and was on hold for 31 minutes, I got through to a different call centre to where this manager that I had spoken to worked in. I was told that they could not transfer me as they are not allowed to transfer between call centres. I then got hung up on. I called back and this time was on hold for 35 minutes which in itself is a joke. I got through to a lady in the South African call centre. I then asked to speak to her manager as I had given up hope of getting a call back from the first manager who promised me a call. I was told that they had no managers in at all. Hummmmm Really??? No managers in the whole call centre, OK. She then advised me that she could email the first manager and ask her to call me. I said OK. The lady then did this and told me I would get a call back today (Thursday 24th October) I decided that at 1030 this morning I couldn’t be bothered to wait for the call that I most likely wont get. So i called up and waiting for 31 minutes, I spoke to a lady in the UK call centre who advised that she could put me through to the manager I had been waiting for a call back from. The lady put me on hold for a further 13 minutes and then did what British Gas are best at cutting people off. Yeah she cut me off.

So Here we are at 13.29 and I am waiting British Gas. My phone is sat right next to me and im waiting for that call back. The call back that ive been waiting for since Tuesday Morning. The call back to sort out YOUR mess. Now I am so angry with the situation I want the whole account looking into and I now want MY £80 back.

I really hope this is sorted soon as I am getting really really pissed off now. I will be going to the local papers if this is not sorted by October 30th this is not a threat. I am so annoyed and have been treat so badly this is a promise.

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  1. Call their PR contact. We had a similar situation with a bill for a deceased relative and couldn’t get it resolved until we spoke to PR.

  2. Christopher Cookney says:

    I worked for BG for 23 years as an engineer and left in 2011. Since privatisation of BG in 1997, year after year the greed became more. I saw incompetence, inefficiency and waste by management and engineers for a long time. The last couple of years I was at BG the job times were reduced, which of course if you did the job correctly you could not achieve. I was put into a performance review too improve my efficiency in which I asked my manager and other managers at every turn how too speed up and achieve the job times. I am still waiting for the answer ?
    BG’s first goal is to make as much profit as possible and everything else from customer service, safety and workmanship is second.
    Good luck with your BG mess, but do not hold your breath ?

  3. stephanie Whitehouse says:

    I feel for you. We have a non working electricity meter, and twice they have said they’ll come out to fix it, twice they haven’t turned up and twice they’ve told us it will be two more month before they can come. Then twice they have asked us to rise our Direct Debit payment! This is based on their estimates which no-oe can conform or deny.

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